• TM  Technique

  • Our video library presents a marvelous selection of videos on various TM-related topics, including videos by Maharishi, physicist John Hagelin, and brain researchers, as well as clips about the TM / Quiet Time programme and much more.

Video 11 TM Practice

Maharishi describes the TM practice (2:50)

Transcendental Meditation in Prisons

Transcendental Meditation in Prison (6:04)

John Hagelin Ph.D. - The Uniffied Power of Peace

John Hagelin, Ph.D.—The Unified Power of Peace (23:01)
  • TM and Health

  • Hundreds of scientific studies show that Transcendental Meditation provides profound, revitalising rest and brings greater balance and harmony to the whole system. Nationally renowned scientists explain how TM creates a higher state of mind-body health – redefining what it means to be healthy.

  • TM and Religion

  • Transcendental Meditation is a non-religious, evidence-based mind-body technique found to create harmony between mind and emotions, supporting a more positive outlook. People of faith report profound implications for their religious life. Hear a rabbi, a Catholic priest, Maharishi and others describe how TM helps fulfil the aspirations of all religions.

  • David Lynch

  • The David Lynch Foundation helps provide TM® instruction to students, inner-city youth, military veterans, the homeless, Native Americans on reservations, men and women in prison and other at-risk populations. This inspiring video selection highlights some of these special DLF projects around the world.

  • Higher States of

  • The goal of Transcendental Meditation and it's Advanced Programmes is life in a state of heightened well-being – characterised by inner peace, creativity and fulfilment. Learn from Maharishi and others about higher stages of development and the possibilities for every human being to rise to enlightenment.

  • TM and

  • Educators across the world are speaking out about the transformative effects of the Transcendental Meditation in the classroom. Consciousness-Based Education develops the whole student, providing the means whereby any student can unfold the full potential of their own creativity, intelligence and inner happiness.

  • TM and the Brain

  • Neuroscientists know that everything good about your brain depends on it's coherent, orderly functioning. Researchers have found that Transcendental Meditation creates heightened orderliness throughout the brain, measured by EEG coherence. This helps scientists explain how TM improves mental performance and develops creative potential.