Day retreats

These have been postponed due to the Covid-19 lockdown. Please come back for an update soon. Meanwhile, see the wonderful ONLINE courses offered by the Maharishi Peace Palace and soon also by Maharishi Golden Dome.

Day Retreats are inexpensive and do not require you to stay overnight. They typically run from 9:30am to 5pm and include several group meditations, simple yoga, rest, a meal together, a pleasant walk afterwards, and some deeper knowledge and discussion.

They are offered on a Saturday or Sunday in several locations around the country. They are a wonderful way to meet other local TM meditators, get very deep rest, and renew your energy and appreciation of life.

"It was a wonderful, relaxing and sublime experience, we both enjoyed being encouraged to 'let go' , lay down and fully immerse ourselves in deep rest."

"These Day Retreats are very good value for money and a complete mind-reset."

"It was lovely to spend the day with fellow TM'ers and to get the effects of rounding in a day course."

"A meditation binge was what I really needed as I had forgotten how useful it has been in helping me to take on life's challenges especially at times when too many challenges hit!"

"I'm still buzzing and I intend to attending all of them this year."