TM-Sidhi Course Fees

Residence Weekend and Orientation Weekend Fees

Prior to the course you will need to attend at least one online weekend within the last year and a TM-Sidhi Course Orientation Weekend. The fees for these weekends are not included in the TM-Sidhi Course Fee.

TM-Sidhi Course Fees

The TM-Sidhi course includes 23 days in residence. The fees can be paid in full in advance or in instalments.

Excluding meals and accommodation for 23 days
  • Standard: £1,920
  • Couples: £2,880
  • Full-time students: £1,280
  • Concessions: £1,536*
*Registered unemployed, state pension, and income less than £15,000 p.a.
For full fees including meals and accommodation, payment options and accommodation details please contact the Maharishi Peace Palace or the Maharishi  Dome via the contact details below.



Fees to Maharishi Peace Palace and Maharishi Dome can be paid in instalments - for more details please enquire with each venue.

Maharishi Peace Palace, Rendlesham, Suffolk
Tel: 01394 421136
Maharishi Dome, Skelmersdale, Lancashire
Tel: 01695 51617 

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